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Travel for amusement with small cost in the world

Travel for amusement, now a days we find it’s very common phenomenon in all income level people.

Most of us like to travel but every time we can’t able to do that. Some time it’s for lack of time and some time it’s for lack of money. We like to travel for spending time. But in our busy social life we can not able to roaming here and there.

In most case money is the great problem. How ever it is not problem at all. In that case we find their for time problem.

In other class of people like to travel but they have not enough money for doing that.

Anyway we would like to describe for a site which is the most amusing place in the world . It is  a gift of nature. It situated in our country and that is in Bangladesh. It’s situated in coxe’s Bazar. It is the longest sea beach in the world. You can find a large amount of site viewing for time consuming. You find there a great touch of water and also find a beautiful site of hill.

Very easily you may stay here. You can find a very little cost of that. There is very cheap hotel and food.

travel-cox's -bazar

 Cost is the main factor of travel.

You may enjoy here everything which you like. You may find a sea food with a cheap cost. The security of the beach is very good. The road you may find some problem. But the cost of fare is very little. Hotel and motel are very nice. Now a days you find some hotel in front of sea.

With staying hotel room you can hear the roaring of sea very easily and the cost of hotel fare is little high. But you can enjoy a lot.

Traveling for amusement is very common style of life. Written by Md Dalour faruque .



travel for site seeing for a short period| tour for site seeing

A few days ago with my family take a short travel for site seeing. Very frequently we visited here and there for recreation.It’s also help us to freed our mind and find sometime to talk about freely.

The place is very near to our home. It’s take a short journey from our home. The place is so beautiful as I think. There is  long and beautiful lake with many hill. Many people we find that visited this place.There are so many toys and rides for babies and children. It ‘s all are free in ride. some trees are there. They blows a charming air which must be refresh your mind.


travel-lake- site.

Me with my son Arik in a lake side our local area.Its in chunarughat, Hobigonj, Bangladesh

Though this short journey your experience is not better because the road is not so well to take a drive smoothly. Anyway you find it is no matter because its only for fifteen to twenty minute journey with a car.

After reaching here you find a hill side to climb to reach your desire place. After reaching here you find a fresh air with the sound of water. You may go the middle of the lake there are boat and also bridge. In bridge you may take a site seeing and fresh air with sitting . There is a sitting place in middle of bridge. there are three bridge. And every bridge has a place to sit. With sitting here you must be amusing for that.

In travelling you must find amusement and some refreshing to your mind. Now a days we make an extensive travel but it’s not for recreation. Sometimes with that kinds of journey we find amusement.If we get that it’s great for us.

On the other hand when we make a travel for only recreation it’s most enjoyable moment for us. In our real busy life we are not able to take tour all of the time.

The tour for this site seeing is cost very little. Anyway there is no hotel and motel for staying but you can reach the hotel and motel with a short travel after visiting this place.

The location of this place is – Green land park, Rani gong, Chunarught, Hobigonj, Bangladesh.

Written by.

Md Dalour Faruque Thalukdar

Lawyer, District court, Hobigonj, Bangladesh,

Mobile no-+8801712280636.